Monday, February 7, 2011

My REAL Blog is After Gadget


If you've come here looking for Sharon Wachsler (writer, disability activist, service-dog trainer/handler, etcetera), unfortunately, I need to direct you elsewhere.

Blogger did not meet my needs for access for my readers and myself, so I built my blog at wordpress, instead.

Please visit my active blog, After Gadget.

After Gadget has been going strong for over a year. It's been a real thrill and learning experience, and I hope you will stop by.

I actually will eventually be switching to my own domain, which will be

But, until then, use the current URL --

At After Gadget, I blog about. . . .

- Losing my service dog, Gadget, to cancer;
- Training my now-one-year-old puppy, Barnum, to be my next service dog;
- Random disability rights, Lyme disease, MCS (multiple chemical sensitivity), and CFIDS/ME issues;
- Other tidbits I'm forgetting now.

I sometimes have videos (captioned and transcribed), and often, photos (with descriptions).

After Gadget is also the home of the Assistance Dog Blog Carnival!

If you want to contact me about anything (writing, editing, all things service-dog related, clicker training, information on MCS or Lyme, etcetera), please do NOT email me at the sickhumor2 e-addy here or at my other old sites. Use the contact form at After Gadget, instead.

Likewise, the contact information at and at is out of date. I am hoping to move these sites to a blog and update them.

You may still order postcards from Sick Humor Postcards (I hope you will!).

However, much of the information on is not current. It's better to use the contact form at After Gadget instead.

Thank you so much for following me around the web!