Monday, March 23, 2009

Sick Humor* Is Back! (-ish)

Have you missed me? I've missed you.

I am sloooowly working my way toward transforming my old-style Sick Humor bulletins into a Sick Humor blog. Meanwhile, I wanted to get back in touch, tell you where to find my first blog, and other developments.

I'll blog more frequently than I published bulletins (i.e., more than once or twice a year) but I'll keep things shorter and more focused.

First Up – Blogabitch:

Bitch magazine (Feminist Response to Pop Culture) invited me to write for their series, The Douchebag Decree. With a name like that, how could I refuse? I learned some HTML, how to make hyperlinks, and viola! (Or violin.) Here tis: Who's Douchier?...

(Warning: The aforementioned protoblog contains liberal use of the word, "douche." How many variations can you find? First person to email me the correct answer wins a free six-pack of Sick Humor Postcards!)

Enjoy. (And comment! It's good for feminists to know there's a readership for disability issues.)

Future Sick Humor blogs will include info on recent publications (online and on shredded tree pulp), plus you'll be treated to more humor, hot off the keyboard, including upcoming Sick Humor blog themes like:

* Wanna read this thing I wrote? (blogs, articles, short stories, etc., and where you find 'em)
* Aphasics Speak Out! (the life of a nonverbal blabbermouth)
* Sick Humor Niblets (humorous blogs on life with disability & chronic illness)
* What I Didn't Accomplish Today (cuz ambition is endless, but fatigue is tireless)
* Ticks Suck (life as a Lymie)
* IntervYOU (interviews and profiles of regular people doing great stuff)
* They did/said What? (oh, you know what's coming here)
* The Norm Corner (visionary activism, hope, and/or pessimism, in honor of disability rights activist & hilarious dude, Norm Meldrum)
* Click! (praises, little hallelujahs, service-dog or training epiphanies, or unabashed dog lovin')
* You know I'm a lesbian, right? (queer stuff; disabled femmes, invisible no more)

As ever, Sick Humor Postcards and other merch are available to buy for your very own, online and by mail, at

I welcome your feedback and comments, as I transition to the 21st Century. Especially if you have any accessibility problems with my blog - please let me know what they are so I can address them.

Please subscribe! And spread the word to friends, family, colleagues, people who you think might not be offended, etc. If you want to stay on my Sick Humor mailing list as well and have a change in address, please email me both the old, incorrect addy to delete, and the new one.

Best wishes for spring!

P.S. I'm on a blogging fact – and faux-pas – finding mission. If you read other blogs, please share: which one(s), why you like them, what makes them accessible, etc. You can tell me about your own, too. Thank you!

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